Flight Line

Club Membership Tiers

Note: All active members and their guests are subject to club Policies and Guidelines.

Basic Member

  • Membership Dues: $30 per month
  • Facility Use: Self Only
  • Aircraft rental rates: Member rates, subject to instructor approval
  • Hourly Rental Only
  • Guests allowed: No
  • Ideal membership for student pilots or non-pilots

Aviator Member

  • Membership Dues: $40 per month
  • Initiation Fee: $100 one-time
  • Facility Use: Full use of the facility
  • Age limit: 18 years old and above
  • Aircraft rental rates: Member rates
  • Hourly and Daily Rental
  • Volunteer and workday commitment requirements: N/A
  • Services and Events Rates: Member rates
  • Guests allowed: Yes

Junior Member (Valid only with parent consent)

  • Membership Dues: Free
  • Facility Use: Supervised
  • Age limit: Under 18 years old
  • Volunteer and workday commitment requirements: Minimum 3 hrs. per month
  • Aircraft rental rates: Member rates
  • Services and Events Rates: Member rates
  • Guests allowed: No

Club Membership Policies and Guidelines

All active club members are bound to the policies and guidelines listed below. Any members found violating these policies and guidelines are subject to expulsion from the club.


  • Member initiation fee is non-refundable.
  • Membership status will only be active once the required fees are paid and kept up to date.
  • Members will remain an active if kept in good standing and do not violate any provisions in the club policies and guidelines.
  • Members found in violation of the provisions in the club policies and guidelines will be placed under evaluation by the principal members to determine continuance, suspension or revocation of membership.
  • Members with unpaid monthly dues exceeding 3 months will result in deactivation of member status. This means, they will lose all member benefits until they get their dues current. Anything exceeding 4 months, the member/s will automatically lose membership and must re-apply and pay the initiation fee require for membership if they want to continue being member/s and avail of the member benefits.
  • Members can cancel membership at any time and will be refunded for the remaining months in the year of membership, monthly dues for the whole or partial year.
  • Member/s, when hosting guest/s, are responsible for his/her guest/s to adhere to club policies and guidelines


  • All guests must be with an active member to gain access to the club facility, events and services.
  • Guests are limited to discovery flights only. Regular aircraft rentals are prohibited.
  • Guests are allowed to volunteer their time to help in club events and gatherings.
  • Guests are not allowed in the flight line, unless accompanied by a member, flight instructor or club personnel
  • All guests must sign in every time accessing the facility. (Will not be necessary when electronic pass is implemented
  • (Future) All guests will be issued a guest pass for facility and services for a limited time.

Volunteer and Workday Commitments

  • It is up to Members with volunteer and workday requirements to decide how they want to allocate their hours, as long as they fulfill the yearly requirement.
  • Members unable to fulfill their hours for the year, due to illness or any unavoidable personal reasons, must be approved for exemption from remaining obligations, by the principal member/s.
  • Members who were unable to complete the yearly hour commitments (if determined unexcused by principal member/s), will have to carry over their remaining hours to the following year.

Events and Gatherings

  • All planned events, private or public gatherings using the club facility, must have the approval of the principal member/s.
  • On the day of the event or gathering, the organizing member/s must report to any principal member/s before and after.

Code of Conduct

  • Habitual verbal, physical or sexual harassment of any members or guests, by a member, is subject to an investigation and evaluation by principal members to determine membership retention.
  • Use or possession of illegal substances is subject to immediate expulsion.
  • Illegal possession of firearms in and around the facility is subject immediate expulsion.
  • Any form of prejudice (gender, racial, religious) will not be tolerated and will be subject to expulsion.